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Intl Coffee Day Giveaway

Intl Coffee Day Giveaway

Saturday, Sept. 29 is International Coffee Day and as you can imagine, that’s a pretty special day for us. It offers us a chance to reflect on where our coffee comes from, the hands that prepare it, and the journey that all of our different beans take from around the world to end up in Central IL.

Because coffee can only be grown in the equatorial regions of earth, all of our coffee has to be imported from farmers primarily in the Americas and Africa. We work with only the best suppliers to ensure that all of our coffee is of the highest quality and ethically sourced. Most of our coffee is Fair Trade or Direct Trade certified. To see a full list of our suppliers and our full coffee menu, you can check out this page. Each cup of coffee that you drink from our shops has been on a unique trip around the world to make it into our shops and into your cup.

In order to help celebrate International Coffee Day, we wanted to do something special. Below is a small poll where you can vote on your favorite regular and flavored Eli’s coffee! The poll will be open until Friday evening at 9 pm and the winning coffees will be brewed for International Coffee Day on Saturday the 29th. Along with that, we will be running a BOGO sale on our Daily Grind brewed coffee all day Saturday as well!

Pick your favorite coffee!

Two people will win 1lb of their favorite coffee, a $10 gift card, and a t-shirt!

Fill out the poll below and you’ll be automatically entered into the contest! Winners are chosen at random. Anyone may fill out the survey. One entry per person. Winners will be chosen on Friday, Sept. 28th and informed via email or phone.

The survey has ended. Thank you to everyone who voted! Our winners were Guatemala and Jamaican me Crazy!

Top regular coffees

Tanzanian Peaberry

Top flavored coffees

Chocolate Caramel
Jamaican Me Crazy
Southern Pecan