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Donate a Day Promotion Package

Useful tools to help you get the word out about your event!

Donate a Day Promotion Package

Your Donate A Day is Scheduled!

On this page, we’ve included some information on what to expect, as well as some resources on making this a successful event!


Getting the Word Out

Promotion is a big part of making your Donate a Day successful. The more people that know about the event, the better. Higher shop sales will mean a larger donation. Eli’s helps to promote the day through the following channels (we may promote through some or all of these channels).

  • A section on our weekly email newsletter approximately one week before the event.
  • A promotion through one post on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Along with our promotion, we also highly encourage you to promote the Donate a Day as well!

  • Promote the event through your social media channels, whether personally or through the organization’s social accounts using the graphics we’ve provided.
  • You’re welcome to share or use any of our publicly available content such as our logo, info from our website, or any social media posts.
  • Encourage your audience to subscribe to email newsletter as well as to follow us on social media.


Event Day

When the date for your Donate a Day arrives, we encourage you or your staff to be involved at the shop. This can be done by setting up a booth or table to promote your organization. This can not only help to increase sales but gives you a great platform to promote your organization to people in the community.

You can choose to spend as much or as little time in our shop as you’d like but our peak order times are between 7-9am and 12-1pm. If your event is taking place during the school year, we also have peak times during 3-4pm.



Once your Donate a Day has finished, we process your donation from the total sales at the shop during the day, minus any catering orders. We then give 10% of that amount via check, mailed to the address you submitted in your application.


Important: As a Donate a Day recipient, you agree to be bound by our Donation Policies.

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