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Green Earth, Endless Coffee

Announcing free in-shop refills with an Eli's Diner Mug

Green Earth, Endless Coffee


We’re celebrating Earth Day this year with a special announcement!

Eli’s has always given customers who brought their own mugs in a 10% discount on coffee and tea. Today, in celebration for Earth Day, we’re announcing that anyone who uses our Diner mugs for coffee will get free, unlimited refills! As part of our efforts to reduce overall waste and continue making Eli’s a place where customers can spend as much time as they’d like, we want to give our coffee drinkers another reason to stick around. So feel free to finish that last work assignment, study another hour for that upcoming exam, or spend another 30 minutes connecting with loved ones.

Just ask your Barista for an Eli’s mug, pay once, and while you’re in the shop, any refills are on us.

…and this isn’t just for Earth Day. Free refills on Diner Mugs are here to stay!

Sustainability Highlights

Beyond offering free refills, we wanted to highlight some of the other ways we’ve helped make Eli’s a sustainable business that walks lightly on our earth:

Paper, plastic, & glass recycled each year

648 cubic feet

Coffee grounds composting

Most of our coffee and espresso grounds are used to fertilize local gardens. If you’d like to use some of our grounds for your garden, send us a message!

Our other initiatives

  • Biodegradable forks, knives, & spoons
  • LED shop lighting
  • Ethically sourced coffee
  • Recyclable cups, lids, & sleeves

Want your own Eli's mug?

Mugs should always be that perfect fit-in-your-hand shape, and our 10 ounce diner style ceramic mug does just that.