Five App Features you Might be Missing

The Eli’s app has been out for a couple of months now so we wanted to share some of the features that you might not have explored yet beyond just managing your rewards:

1 – The Daily Grind: In the side menu of your app, you’ll see an button labeled Daily Grind. This will show you the coffees that we’re brewing each day and also has a calendar you can download for the whole month.

2 – Member Code: The Member Code can be found using the middle button at the bottom of the app. This will allow you to give your Barista a 4-digit code instead of your phone number each time you place an order.

3 – Gift Card Transfer: Have some Eli’s gift cards that you got as Christmas presents? You can transfer the balance on a physical gift card to your app! Just tap on the My Credit button on your app’s home screen and then tap on the Transfer Gift Card button to start the migration.

4 – Sharing Credit: Share a little Eli’s love with your friends or family by tapping on the Share Credit button within your My Credit screen. This will allow you to share your Eli’s Credit with anyone you want!

5 – Getting Some Help: If you’re ever feeling lost or not sure how to do something on your app, you can tap on the Side Menu and then tap on the Help button. We have a full knowledge base on our website that can guide you through every part of Eli’s Rewards or our app!

If you’d like to download the Eli’s app to get access to all of the above features, as well as to manage your rewards and pay for orders, you can download using the links below. We would also love if you rated and left a review on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store!

Mobile App

Download our app to receive surprise gifts, manage your rewards, and use mobile order/payment.