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Navigating the App

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Home Screen

Your app will open to the Home Screen. It contains an overview of your profile, helpful messages, information about your points, and navigation menus on the bottom and side: 

1 – Side Menu

The side menu contains several useful buttons, like links to any in-app messages, your purchase activity, and the coffee that we’re brewing today. More information about the side menu can be found in this article

2 – Profile Overview

The profile overview lists your name, as well as the amount of points on your account, any credit (money) that has been loaded, and any gifts you have received.

3 – Bottom Navigation

The bottom navigation menu contains the following buttons:

  • Home: will take you back to the Home Screen of the app.
  • Place Order: Opens up the order window for placing pickup orders at the shops.
  • Member Code: The member code is a barcode and four digit number you can use to check in at the shops instead of giving the Barista your phone number. More information on the Member Code can be found in this article.
  • Locations: Displays each Eli’s location, with options for navigating to the shop, calling us, and navigating to the location page on our website. 
  • General Info: This page displays an overview of Eli’s Coffee Shop as a company, as well as links to rate the app, receive help, and our social media pages.

4 – Rewards Buttons

  • Point Shop: Use your points to purchase free drinks, food, or money off your order.
  • Add Credit: Add credit (money) to your app to pay for orders in the shop. More information on credit can be found in this article.
  • My Gifts: This will show any gifts that you have received, either through the Point Shop or from other Eli’s promotions. More information on gifts can be found in this article.

5 – Points Overview

The Points Overview lists how many points you currently have, as well as how many you need to advance to the next rewards tier. You can also quickly redeem gifts on the most popular items scrolling along the bottom.

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