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How it Works

Eli’s Rewards Members who bring their official Eli’s Travel mug with them to any of our locations can choose to have any hot drink made with their mug for a $0.25 discount!

Choosing to use your mug instead of a to-go cup helps us reduce our single-use packaging waste, and we pass those savings directly onto you!

To use this discount, just hand your mug to your Barista (minus the lid) and be sure to enter your phone number or Member Code at checkout in order for the discount to apply.

Please see the terms and limitations of this discount below. Thank you for helping us reduce our single-use waste!

Mug Safety

For the safety of our customers and our team, we ask you to take these steps when providing us your Eli’s Travel Mug:

  • Please ensure your mug is fully washed and does not contain any liquid before bringing it into the shop.
  • Before handing off your mug, please remove the lid and hold onto it while we prepare your drink.

Terms & Limitations

  • The Travel Mug Discount is only available to Eli’s Rewards Members.
  • The discount is not available via mobile order.
  • The discount only applies when using these two official 16oz Eli’s Travel Mugs:
MiiR Black Travel MugRtic White Travel Mug
  • The discount can only be applied once per order.
  • The discount is available for the following 16oz size items only:
    • Hot Americano
    • Au Lait
    • Cappuccino
    • Hot Chai Latte
    • Daily Grind
    • Hot Espresso Shot
    • Hot Cocoa
    • Hot Tea
    • Hot Latte
    • Hot Macchiato
    • Steamer
    • Tea Latte
    • Hot Specialty Drinks
    • Hot Donation Creation
    • Hot Seasonal Specialty Drinks
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