Eli’s HUB

Eli’s HUB is the next step in our goal of bringing great drinks and food to small communities throughout central Illinois.

Eli’s HUB is not a new Eli’s shop. It’s much different, but just as exciting. This new space brings offices, bakery and food prep facilities, and a small warehouse together under one roof.

Eli’s HUB is the new foundation for our business. From this building, we supply our shops with everything they need: from cups and lids to Scotcharoos and espresso beans.

Eli’s HUB also serves as the launch pad for new products and locations. We are so excited to bring this space up to its full potential, developing new menu items, and laying the groundwork for bringing Eli’s to new communities.


Does this change anything about your shops?

No, but Eli’s HUB will allow us to start providing better stocking levels and new menu offerings in the future!

Wait, the Morton shop has moved?

No, the Morton shop remains as is. Eli’s HUB is a new space entirely.

Can I visit the HUB?

While we may host special events there in the future, the HUB is our production space, so we are not open to the public.