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Introducing #SundaysTogether

The first weekly deal exclusive to Eli's Rewards members

Introducing #SundaysTogether

We’re exited to introduce our first ever weekly event for Eli’s Rewards members! We’re calling it Sundays Together, and the idea is built around the things that make Sundays special: family and togetherness.

So how does it work?

Each Sunday, we’ll be sending special promos and discounts to our Rewards members! The deal is good all day long so stop in anytime between 7 am and 5 pm.

You don’t need to use points or get any promo codes. Just make sure your Eli’s Rewards account is added to your order, get your drinks along with a treat, and enjoy.


New deals arriving weekly

Each Sunday will bring a new offer, with the possibility that our most popular deals will stick around more than one week at a time! The deals will be focused around togetherness of course, so expect lots of great discounts on multiple drinks, or food for your whole family or friends.

Our hope with the #SundaysTogether event is that we can help foster rest, connection, and togetherness for you and your loved ones.

How will you spend your Sunday?

We would love to see how you’re spending your Sundays together with family or friends so use the hashtag #SundaysTogether in a post on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Give us a follow to see which ones we feature:

Hold up, I’m not a rewards member yet!

No worries! You can join Eli’s Rewards right now by downloading our app, or signing up right here on our website! Along with getting access to the #SundaysTogether deals, you’ll also be able to earn points on all your Eli’s order to redeem for free drinks & food, load money to pay for orders, and many other benefits.


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