Cold Drinks

Coffee Tea & More

For Coffee Lovers


Blended drink made with coffee, milk, and your choice of flavors. A real sweet treat!

Iced Americano

Espresso mixed with water and poured over ice. Similar to an iced coffee.

Iced Coffee

Your choice of our Daily Grind coffee poured over our special coffee cubes or our Cold Brew over ice.

Iced Espresso Shot

A shot of smooth Eli’s Espresso poured over ice with notes of cocoa, caramel, and brown sugar sweetness.

Iced Latte

Espresso mixed with your choice of milk and flavors, poured over ice.

Iced Macchiato

Like an iced latte but the milk, espresso, and any flavors you like are layered instead of mixed.

Without Coffee

Blended Chai

Organic spiced Chai blended with milk and a vanilla bean mix.

Iced Chai

Organic spiced Chai mixed with milk and poured over ice.

Iced Tea

Pick from our ready-made Lychee Peach or Green Pomegranate teas. Or choose one of our loose leaf options.


Fresh lemonade poured over ice. Add a flavor like peach or strawberry to make it extra special!


Orange juice and low-fat yogurt blended with your choice of real fruit.

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Because we use shared equipment, storage areas, and prep surfaces, we are unable to guarantee that any products served in our shops are allergen-free.