Jumbo Muffins


Juicy blueberries packed inside a sweet and crumbly muffin.

Nutrition | Contains: milk, egg, wheat, soy

Carrot Cake

Loads of shredded carrots keep this sweet + spiced muffin super moist, and a swirl of orange zest infused cream cheese adds extra richness.

Nutrition | Contains: milk, wheat, egg

Lemon Poppyseed

Sweet citrus muffin, made with fresh lemon zest and poppyseeds. Topped with a lemon icing.

Nutrition | Contains: milk, egg

Nutella Banana

A delightful banana muffin with a gooey Nutella center.

Nutrition | Contains: milk, egg, wheat, soy

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Because we use shared equipment, storage areas, and prep surfaces, we are unable to guarantee that any products served in our shops are allergen-free.