Monster Mash-Up

Join our first ever Halloween Game, exclusive to Eli’s Rewards App users!

How it works

Download our app

Get started by downloading the Eli’s Rewards app to your phone and signing into your Rewards account.

Place an Order

Starting on 10/26, place an order of at least $10, up to two times per day, either in-store or through your Eli’s Rewards app.

Unlock Gifts

With each $10 order, you’ll receive a special Halloween Gift for discounts on bakery items, money off your next order, and more!

3 Levels of Gifts

With each $10+ order you place, up to twice per day, you’ll receive a secret gift from one of three levels:

Level 1 – Ghost

A friendly ghost who offers simple gifts with discounts on bakery treats and drinks. The most common level.

Level 2 – Mummy

A spooky mummy who offers more advanced gifts like free drinks and big discounts on bakery treats.

Level 3 – Skeleton

A terrifying skeleton that offers top tier gifts like $5 or $10 off your next orders!

Level 4 – Jack-o-Lantern

Unlock a gift from each of the three previous levels throughout the week to receive a super secret gift from the Level 4 Jack-o-lantern worth $50!

More Info

How do I participate?

Simply download the Eli’s Rewards app, sign in or create your account, and place an order of $10+ from 10/26 to 10/31.

When does the game end?

The Halloween Game will run through 10/31.

How do I unlock the Level 4 Reward?

To unlock Level 4, you must have received a gift from each level 1, 2, and 3. Gifts are randomly sent so if you receive a gift from the same level twice, keep trying!

Do I need the app to participate?

Yes, you’ll need to download and sign into the Eli’s Rewards app.

How often can I participate?

Gifts will be sent out on orders over $10 up to twice per day.

Do gifts expire?

Yes, all gifts have a three day expiration, so hurry back in!