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National Coffee Day

National Coffee Day

We really like to drink coffee around here, no surprises there. But the thing we might love most about coffee is the way it brings people together. Customers in the shops, relationships forming around this most popular beverage. One side of that relationship that you may not know about is the one we get to share with our coffee suppliers. On National Coffee Day, we thought it’d be a great time to put the spotlight on them!

Grounds for Change: these folks are Seattle, WA based, and couldn’t be sweeter people. They’re in the heart of coffee country, and they take their small, family owned and operated business seriously. We’ve used their certified organic, fair trade coffee as our everyday regular and decaf non-flavored coffees. Think single origins and seasonal blends. They come in full range of roasts, and our Vanilla, Hazelnut, Cinnamon, and Amaretto flavored coffees come from them as well!

Thirty-Thirty Coffee Co: our favorite local shop that offers in-house roasted coffees that get national acclaim! Our espresso is always from Thirty-Thirty, so any latte, cappuccino, Americano, etc will have their delicious, seasonal blend. Each Thursday you can find a rotating single-origin regular and decaf coffee featured as our Daily Grind!

Kaldi Gourmet Coffee Roasters: every flavor under the sun is available from this North Carolina based company, and we love the wide selection they offer in both regular and decaf flavors. Everyone’s favorite three seem to be Highlander, Jamaican Me Crazy, and Snickerdandy, so consider yourself lucky if you catch one of those offerings! We also feature a Tanzanian Peaberry regular coffee from them, as well as a brand new offering from an all-female coffee co-op in Malawi!

Zion Coffee Co: another Peoria-area company that specializes in direct-trade coffee, increasing the transparency of your cup of coffee. We love their heart for the coffee farmers, and the care they take from crop to cup is apparent! We feature their rotating blends on Sundays at the Morton shop.

Tugboat Coffee: we love our friends in Addison, IL! They caught our eye with some really fun single-origin coffees from exotic places like Bali and Brazil, and we now feature two of their roasts on Sundays at the Tremont shop.

Each one of our suppliers shares the desire to leave their community and world better through the entire chain of coffee, from crop to cup. We may be a little biased, but we think that plays out to the best tasting cup of your morning coffee possible!