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App Credit

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How Credit Works

Eli’s App users can add money to their Eli’s Rewards account in order to pay for future orders in the shop. We call that money, credit. Credit can only be added via the Eli’s App but can be used at any Eli’s shop for any item that you wish to purchase.

Note: You do not earn points for adding credit to your account but you will receive points (5 points per $1) for making purchases at any Eli’s shop and paying for the order using credit.


Adding Credit

To add credit to your Eli’s Rewards account, tap on the My Credit button on the Home Screen of your app. (see how here)

In the My Credit screen, you’ll see several options for adding money to your account. You can choose from $10, $20, $50, or $100. You can also choose to transfer the balance from an Eli’s Rewards card or an Eli’s gift card. Please be aware that transferring a card balance can take up to 24 hours.

Once you have selected the option that you’d like to purchase, use the next screens to complete your transaction. You can choose to save multiple credit / debit cards for future transactions so you’ll only need to enter your card information the first time. Once the transaction is complete, you can navigate back to the Home Screen.


Viewing your Credit

You’ll be able to see your available credit on the Home Screen of the app, near the top of the screen:

Note: For viewing simplicity, credits are displayed in whole numbers only but the actual balance may have cents on the end if you have used credit to pay for orders in the past. If you’d like to see the exact amount of credit you have on your account, you can tap the My Activity button in the app, or ask your Barista what your credit balance is.