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Getting Started with Ordering

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You can now order drinks and select bakery items either through a web browser, or in your Eli’s app! Orders are placed for pickup at any of our shops and can be picked up ASAP (10 minutes) or at a time of your choosing. 

Right now, only drinks and our most popular bakery items are available for online/mobile ordering, but as we get adjusted to the system, more items will be added.


Ordering in the Eli’s app

The easiest way to place a pickup order is to do it from your Eli’s app. Using the app automatically ties in with your Eli’s Rewards account and lets you pay for orders via your Eli’s Credit as well as allows you to redeem any gifts you’ve purchased in the Points Shop.

If you don’t already have the Eli’s app downloaded, you can do that here.

Once you have the app open, and have your Eli’s Rewards account set up, you can tap on the Place Order button, which is located on the bottom left part of the screen:


Ordering Online

If you don’t have the Eli’s app downloaded, or don’t want to setup an Eli’s Rewards account, you can still place an order online from our website. Just go to eliscoffee.com/order

You’ll have the option to check out as a guest, or you can also log into your Eli’s Rewards profile as well, which will allow you to use Eli’s Credit, or any redeemed gifts on your order.