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The chart below explains the gifts that can be unlocked with points earned from orders. Gifts may be purchased from the Point Shop in your Eli’s app or on our website at https://www.eliscoffee.com/rewards.

Point CategoriesRedeemable Gifts
125 points – BasicsDaily Grind Coffee
Hot Tea
Iced Tea
Single Cookie
Sweet Bread Slice
200 points – ClassicsAmericano
Hot Cocoa
Iced Americano
Iced Chai
Iced Coffee
Iced Cocoa
Jumbo Muffin
Single Scone
250 points – EssentialsLatte
Iced Latte
Iced Macchiato
Breakfast Sandwich
Fruit & Cream Box
Hummus & Pita Box
Veggie Box
300 points – TreatsSpecialty Drinks
Petite Salads
Single Wrap
$5 off any order
$5 donation