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Point Shop

The point shop is located in the top middle tab of your rewards account:

The Point Shop is used to redeem gifts for the points that you’ve earned from making purchases at Eli’s. The number of points you currently have is listed at the top of the screen and each items has a specific price according to the points category that it’s in. You can click on View to see a brief description of each item before deciding to buy it with your points. 

Once you decide to buy a specific item from the Point Shop, either click on the item itself, or the Buy button at the bottom left of the item:

Click the Continue button to complete the purchase. 

Note: All purchases though the point shop are final and non-refundable. Once an item is purchased for points, it cannot be undone or traded for a different item.


Once you’ve purchased the item with your points, you will see the following message:

Your item will now show up under the Rewards Tab as a gift and can be redeemed in a future purchase.