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Redeem Codes

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Redeem Codes can be found with each gift that you have in your Rewards Tab. The code can be shared with your Barista and will then automatically apply that gift to your order. No phone number necessary!


Using a Redeem Code

To get started, log into your Eli’s Rewards account. If you need help logging in, you can view this article

Once in your account, navigate to your rewards tab:

Then, select the gift that you’d like to redeem. In this example, we’ll select the Daily Grind gift:

Each gift will have a Redeem button, as shown above. Click that button.

You’ll then be shown the 5 digit redeem code. Give this code to your Barista and they can redeem your item right away, even without looking up your phone number. 

Don’t worry if you accidentally open the redeem window outside of the shop though. Your item will stay with you until a Barista redeems it.