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What about my Eli’s Card?

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The Eli’s Card was our old Rewards program which was based around a physical card. We are no longer offering Eli’s Cards or using them in our shops. 

If you had an Eli’s Card, there’s a couple of things that might have happened:

  1. If your phone number was added to your Eli’s Card account before 8/15/2019, than we already migrated you to Eli’s Rewards! You can get started using your account right away by giving your Barista your phone number at checkout.
  2. If you didn’t have a phone number added to your Eli’s Card account, we can still help you out. Go to https://www.eliscoffee.com/rewards/migrate-elis-card/ and fill out the form. We’ll do our best to get your account migrated.


If your Eli’s Card account has been migrated to Eli’s Rewards, we will have transferred over any points from the old system and multiplied them by 5.

If you had money loaded onto your Eli’s Card, you’ll still be able to use it. Just give your Barista your first and last name when checking out so they can pull up your balance. 

Note: We will eventually stop supporting Eli’s Cards altogether so we’re encouraging everyone with money loaded on their cards to start using our App’s wallet feature to load money and pay for orders.