Sip Sustainably

Today, we’re excited to announce that Rewards Members who use their official Eli’s Travel Mug for any hot drink will receive $0.25 off their order!

With no limits on how many times you use this perk or which 16oz hot drinks it applies to, you’ll help us save on single-use packaging, while you save some money and keep your drink warmer for longer!

How it works

Step 1

Start by washing your Travel Mug at home to ensure the safety of our customers and team.

Step 2

Stop by your favorite Eli’s location, and let your Barista know you’ll be using your Travel Mug. Be sure to enter your phone number at checkout!

Step 3

Unscrew the lid from your mug and hold onto it.

Step 4

Hand the base of your mug off to the Barista, and we’ll get your order ready!

One cup adds up

This discount is another step in our ongoing goal of reducing the single-use waste our business creates.

In fact, if just 10% of our customers use this discount, we could keep over 8,000 cups + lids out of landfills this year alone!

Plus, our Travel Mugs are built to last – you can use them for years worth of drinks instead of just once!

Ready to get started?

You just need two things to take advantage of this discount: sign up for Eli’s Rewards if you haven’t already, and grab an Eli’s Travel Mug either in-store or via mobile order!

If you have questions on this new discount, or would like to see the details on how it works, check out our more detailed help article.