Summer White Peach Tea

One of our very favorite teas in our current lineup is our White Coconut Cream tea, so when we saw this White Peach from our tea supplier, we had to jump on it. We first served it at Summer on Sampson a few weeks ago as a combination of our White Coconut Cream and White Peach teas, and it was such a hit that we decided to add it to our seasonal tea rotation! 

White tea leaves come from the newest, youngest growth on the tea plant, so its flavor is deliciously delicate. It also packs an antioxidant punch greater than black or green tea! This organic White Peach tea combines white tea leaves, marigolds for a beautiful, natural color, and natural peach flavors. It’s a beautifully light, refreshing iced tea, with an organic sweetness of its own. 

We’ll keep it brewed up all summer for you. To recreate the White Coconut Peach Tea, ask your barista to mix the two white teas! Another combination we’re enjoying right now is a mixed glass of tea and lemonade, for a fruity Arnold Palmer. A splash of coconut flavor doesn’t hurt either!

To take a look at our full tea menu, check out the list here! All of our teas are available for purchase in stores or online in 2oz tins.