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Thoughts for January

Thoughts for January

Three days into the new year, I’m sipping my first cup of coffee of 2019 (< drinking more water is top of my to-do list for this year) and feeling all kinds of energized! So here’s a little peek at how Weston and I as small business owners have been reflecting back on this year.

If I had to sum up our 2018 in a word, I would choose Fortify. So much of what Weston and I along with our leadership team focused on all year was building up and strengthening our behind-the-scenes workflows. We did things like building out a complex inventory system (turns out stocking three hugely busy shops is hard. See numbers below!) to make sure we’ve got all the ingredients necessary to serve you each day. We poured our hearts and energies into our leadership team, making sure they felt empowered to make the decisions in the day-to-day flow of the shop to keep their team thriving.

Not glamorous, not very instagrammable, not easy-to-measure growth. But in small business, it’s essential to keep evaluating your success. What caused it, and how do we sustain it? We look forward with eager anticipation to 2019, knowing we’re setting ourselves up for steady, sustainable growth. You can expect the same friendly service and terrific quality at your favorite shop in 2019, along with creative, intentional new drinks, deli options, and baked goods, because ultimately, we want to create places that foster connection.

– Rachel

One of my favorite things to do each January is to look back through our numbers from the previous year. I love seeing how many people were served, how much coffee we went through, and what our customer’s favorite items were.

Gathering those numbers helps us make better decisions in the future but they also shine a light onto something deeper, something beyond numbers. These statistics show just how fantastic our customers are, who support us year after year. They show how hard our Baristas, Bakers, Supervisors, and everyone else on our team works. They show us that through coffee, scones, and wraps, we’re able to build connections, and strengthen our communities. Hope you enjoy these figures and thank you all for your continued support!

– Weston


57000 Daily Grind Coffees Sold
14000 Frappes sipped
12500 Cocoas enjoyed

Deli & Bakery

5200 Scotcharoos munched
3700 Chocolate Chip Scones sampled
5000 House Salads enjoyed