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How Does Eli’s Rewards Work?

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Eli’s Rewards is our loyalty program, where members earn five points for every dollar that they spend in our shops. Points are earned on every purchase, with the exception of gift cards, catering orders, and some fees like room rental charges. Points are earned on the whole dollar value of each order. For example, if an order that totals $5.47, the Eli’s Rewards member would earn 25 points.

Once members accumulate enough points, they can redeem them for free drinks, food, or other gifts. 

Singing Up

You can sign up for Eli’s Rewards either through our app, online, or in person. See our Signing Up article for more information.

Unlocking Gifts

Using the points you’ve accumulated, You can unlock the gifts from our Point Shop. The Point Shop can be accessed either through our app or online by logging into your account at

Any gifts purchased from the Point Shop expire after 30 days, unless otherwise noted.

Once a gift is unlocked, it will appear in the Gifts section of your member profile.

Redeeming Gifts

Gifts can be redeemed either through mobile orders or in our shops. If you know that you have a gift which can be redeemed, you can show the gift code to your Barista, or simply ask the Barista to look up your gifts.

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