So long, Spring

Enjoy all your favorite Spring drinks one more time in the final days of the season. Summer drinks will be arriving soon!

Back for the Summer

Baked with fresh blueberries and a lattice of lemon icing, Blueberry Lemon Scones are back on the menu.

Reward Yourself

Earn points for free drinks & food, place mobile orders, load credit, and much more by downloading our Eli’s Rewards app.

May Donation Creation

The Honey Bee Latte is a celebration of the warmer weather and all things Spring! It combines locally sourced, raw honey with creamy French vanilla and a light, florally touch of lavender. It’s topped off with whipped cream and raw sugar crystals.

Take Eli’s with you

Bring your favorite Eli’s items to your next meeting, family gathering, or wedding shower. Order ahead and pick up at your nearest shop at the time of your choosing.

The Eli’s Connection

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