Donation Creation

March Donation Creation

In March, $1 from every Donation Creation sold will be going to the Tazewell and Woodford County Early Head Start Home Visiting and Doula program.

Early Head Start, a program in the larger Children’s Home and Aid organization, began serving families in Woodford and Tazewell in the Fall of 2019. Its mission is simple: enhance the development of very young children, promote healthy prenatal outcomes for pregnant women, and promote healthy family functioning.

As a 100% free program for pregnant women and families with children from birth to age 3, they believe parents are the best teachers for their children. Early Head Start equips them with the skills, toys, materials, and information to set families up for success. Sessions are completed in person or virtually. Age appropriate activities are conducted with the families. They help with referrals into Head Start or another local preschool programs as their child grows.

To learn more and to explore eligibility, visit their website or Facebook page.

This is a fun month, because we get to support TWO organizations! We’re excited to bring back our very popular Girl Scout cookie drink for another year, with all cookies purchased from local troops.

This month we are featuring the:

Samoa Mocha

Featuring salted caramel, dark chocolate, and coconut flavors, topped with whipped cream, caramel & chocolate drizzle, and a real Girl Scout Samoa® cookie on top!