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Opening the Gifts Screen

To open the Gifts Screen, tap on the My Gifts button located on the Home Screen of the app. (see how). You can also open the Gifts Screen from the Profile Screen.

Using the Gifts Screen

The Gifts Screen will display any items you’ve purchased with points in the Point Shop, as well as any other promotional gifts you’ve received. Some gifts may be a surprise, which you’ll need to scratch off to reveal:

Gifts that have already been used or have expired before being used will appear in the Archive Tab.

To view a gift’s information, you can tap on any active gift to see the description, as well as the expiration date for the gift.

Redeeming Gifts

Gifts can be redeemed a couple of different ways, but both need to take place while you’re in the shop.

The first way is to have your Barista look up the gift on your account. Just make sure you check in first with your Member Code or the phone number associated with your account.

The second way you can redeem a gift is to tap on the gift you want to redeem from the Gifts Screen. Tap the Redeem button at the bottom of the gift. Tap the Continue button. You will receive a bar code and 5 digit number. You can give this number to your Barista to have them apply it to your order.

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