Daily Grind Refresh

explore an all-new lineup of single origins and blends from our local roasting partners.

At the heart of our menu lies a classic cup of coffee. It’s the drink you turn to most often since we opened our doors in 2005! But with the exception of a few seasonal roasts, you haven’t seen many changes in our Daily Grind lineup over the years. Ready to change that??

Starting Friday, February 16th, you can enjoy an all-new list of coffees from familiar roasters and a new partner roaster!

We’re excited to introduce Intuition Coffee, established in Peoria in 2023, to our lineup of roasting partners! You can now enjoy three offerings from them in our Daily Grind rotation. Our relationship with Zion Coffee Co, also out of Peoria, is expanding as well! Rather than a Sunday feature of their coffees, we’ve incorporated three of their single origin coffees into our rotation.

A few favorites from our long-time partners at Grounds For Change in Seattle, WA can still be enjoyed. All flavored coffees continue to be provided by our partners at Kaldi Coffee in South Carolina.

What to look for on the menu

  • An all-new lineup of single origins and blends // Coffees from Central and South America and Africa are featured in a daily rotation. Single origins highlight the subtle differences between growing conditions in each country, while blends create unique profiles for easy drinking!
  • A range of roast and tasting profiles // You have more variety than ever to choose from to truly dial into the specific coffee profiles you enjoy! Find a range of light to dark roasts, and flavor profiles ranging from the bright and citrusy to caramelized and nutty.
  • A redesigned Coffee Calendar // Our die-hard Daily Grind drinkers know and love the coffee calendar, picking out their favorites and never missing a brew! You can now find a full description of each coffee being brewed within your app in the ‘Daily Grind’ section of the sidebar.

Local Roasters // Global Impact

Each of our roasters take seriously the relationships on both sides of the cup. Direct Trade relationships exist with coffee farmers and producers, ensuring they’re paid top dollar for the highest quality product. Our non-flavored coffees are all USDA organic and Fair Trade certified or Direct Trade.

By focusing our partnerships on local roasters, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions due to shipping, while also keeping our purchasing power in the local economy!

Already seeing coffees you can’t wait to try?? Find your favorites on the Coffee Calendar in your app, or stop in and buy a pound of bagged coffee to brew at home. To get you started on a new love for our Daily Grinds, we have a special offer available for you! Just enter your phone number at the link below and get 50% off your next Daily Grind!