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  • 2023 in Review

    2023 in Review

    A look back at our year, with gratitude.

  • Brewing Better Coffee at Home

    Brewing Better Coffee at Home

    Mornings (and occasionally nights) are just better with coffee. Sometimes stopping at Eli’s for your Daily Grind isn’t an option, or for you very early risers, your nearest shop isn’t open yet. Fortunately, we have some pointers in this guide for making the very best coffee at home! Implementing any one of these tips (or…

  • 5 Ways You can Love on Local Right Now

    5 Ways You can Love on Local Right Now

    An update for 2021. This holiday season is shaping up to be just as full of pivots, backup plans, and challenges as last year for small businesses! Throw supply chain headaches and staffing shortages into the mix, and you’ve got a good picture of life in the small biz world right now! We still stand…

  • Summer Bucket Lists

    Summer Bucket Lists

    In this season of sticking closer to home, we’re all taking a closer look at what our communities have to offer. It can be so easy to overlook all the fun events, restaurants, parks, and shops right in your own town. For us at Eli’s, the last four months have made us realize what a…

  • Guatemala Trip #4 – Our Reflections

    Guatemala Trip #4 – Our Reflections

    Each coffee bean is precious. If I were to sum up what I’ve learned from our trip to Guatemala, it would be that. The amount of thought, care, and very hard work that goes into every cup of coffee that we drink is astounding.

  • Guatemala Trip #3 – The Process

    Guatemala Trip #3 – The Process

    Last week, we began the journey that a coffee bean takes from farm to cup. We talked about how what the plants look like, and how they’re harvested. So this week, we’re going to finish up that journey and dive into the processing of the picked coffee fruit, and all of the amazing steps that…

  • Guatemala Trip #2 – Coffee is a Fruit?

    Guatemala Trip #2 – Coffee is a Fruit?

    The life of a coffee bean from farm to cup is a pretty remarkable one. It’s a journey that spans years of hard work and thousands of miles traveled. It’s something that’s so disconnected from our daily lives that we don’t often think about it when we grind and brew those little brown beans each…

  • Guatemala Trip #1 – Overview

    Guatemala Trip #1 – Overview

    When we agreed to accompany our friends from Zion Coffee on a trip to Guatemala, we honestly didn’t know what to expect . Rachel and I knew that we wanted to learn much more about the coffee farming process to broaden our own appreciation for the countless cups we serve in our shop. We wanted…

  • Hello Metamora

    Hello Metamora

    The best things are always worth waiting for. The circumstances that led us to our newest shop in Metamora have been over a year in the making. It feels much longer ago even than that! We first looked at the property back in March of 2016, and from the very beginning, we could see Eli’s…

  • Hello From Rachel & Weston

    Hello From Rachel & Weston

    With a new shop coming and a lot going on this new year, we wanted to re-introduce ourselves to those who may not know us. We’re Rachel and Weston Berchtold, and we’ve been the managing owners of Eli’s for almost 2 years now!  Rachel is a born and raised Tremont girl. She lived for most…