Summer Bucket Lists

In this season of sticking closer to home, we’re all taking a closer look at what our communities have to offer. It can be so easy to overlook all the fun events, restaurants, parks, and shops right in your own town.

For us at Eli’s, the last four months have made us realize what a gift it is to be in business so close to your home. There’s so much to celebrate in a small town, so this is us helping remind you!

Enter Community Bucket Lists! Rediscover something fun that’s happening right next to you hosted by businesses you may already know and love. Each season we intend to compile all of these activities and highlights into a bucket list – one for each of our towns. We’ll feature special markets or events from our small business friends, or highlight a new park or destination you haven’t thought about in awhile, that sort of thing!

Alright, you ready? Here’s our first short round to get you through the end of August! Watch for the Fall Bucket Lists to arrive on September 1st.

As you make your way through a list, we’d love if you’d document your local love! Use the hashtag #elisbucketlist and tag us in your posts and stories, or send us a message on social media. Completing one item on the list and sending us proof counts as one entry!

At the end of each season, we’ll be giving away a gift basket for one winner in each community, full of items from Eli’s and our favorite local shops + markets.

Ready?? Let’s get started with these lists for the end of summer!

**Official participation in these lists ends August 31st.