Cold Brew Refresh

Iced Coffee just got a whole lot smoother

Today we’re announcing an exciting update to our Cold Brew Iced Coffee! Through an updated brew method, and a new blend of coffee, our Cold Brew Iced Coffee is smoother and easier to drink than ever before.

Cold Brew Blend

The new star of our Cold Brew is a better blend of coffee. It’s a USDA organic and Fair Trade certified medium roast blend of Pacific & East African beans. With notes of coffee blossom, black currant, and fresh earth, it makes a beautifully smooth Iced Coffee.

This new cold brew blend is paired with an updated brew method from our Baristas to ensure high quality and consistent Cold Brew with every batch.

Our refreshed Cold Brew Iced Coffee is now available at all of our locations and via your Eli’s Rewards app. We promise you’ll be able to taste the difference, and we hope you love it!

If you haven’t tried our Iced Coffee yet, or you want to get a jump on our refresh, we have a special offer available for you! Just enter your phone number at the link below and get 25% off your next Iced Coffee!