Summer Drink Menu

Explore the Summer Drink Menu, featuring all the sweetness of Summer: cookies + cream, matcha, lemonade, coconut, pistachio, and cold brew.

You’ve got big plans this Summer, right? Maybe you’re chasing your kids around from ballfields to swim practice to sleepovers. Or you’re loading up the family for a summer vacation after being stuck indoors for far too long! Maybe the simplest plans, like being able to enjoy your lunchbreak outdoors or a walk up to Eli’s after dinner, is bringing you lots of joy this Summer.

We’re giddy with excitement about bringing you this menu, because we can picture these drinks fitting into your Small Town Summer plans perfectly. There are flavors here for the entire family. All ages can get excited about cookies + cream and fruity lemonades. Parents always deserve a treat in the form of a macchiato or cold-foam-topped iced coffee.

Read on to explore the full menu, and get to enjoying your #smalltownsummer plans!

Blended Lemonade

Refreshing meets Sweet meets Tart. You’ll get all the bright tartness of lemonade, with the sweetness of real fruit and a creamy blended base. Enjoy these in Strawberry or Mango Peach! These have become a summertime staple around Eli’s – can’t wait to serve them up once again!

Dark Pistachio Macchiato

Guaranteed to turn heads at the tee-ball game. Layers of Dark Chocolate, Pistachio, espresso, and your favorite milk come one after the other in this showstopper of a Macchiato. We love how subtly the flavors of pistachio and dark chocolate pair together, and it just looks fun too! Enjoy this one hot or over ice. Pro tip: drink this one with a straw for maximum layering!

Cookies & Cream Frappe

Congrats! You’ve just found your perfect post-pool day treat! Sip on this frappe, blended with real Oreo® cookie crumbles, coffee, and white + dark chocolate, topped with whipped cream and a few extra cookie crumbles.

Matcha Fresca

Yep, matcha’s on the menu! Sip on the most refreshing drink of the summer, made with premium grade matcha, notes of melon + mango, and topped with a splash of ginger soda. Besides being bright and beautifully naturally green, it packs a punch of caffeine similar to your regular latte!

Salty Coconut Cold Brew

Our signature smooth cold brewed coffee is sweetened with a touch of coconut and topped with a rich crown of salted caramel cold foam + a drizzle of extra caramel. Close your eyes – this is a taste of that tropical getaway, right here in the Midwest.

Strawberry Basil Lemonade

A classic strawberry lemonade gets an extra dose of fancy with a dash of basil and a handful of sliced strawberries! Pretty? Oh yeah. Refreshing? Incredibly.

Seasonal Coffee

Download the Eli’s App to find a calendar of our rotating Daily Grind options. Available to purchase whole bean or ground for your favorite home brewing method, in 8oz or 1lb volumes.

Summer Seasonal Blend – A silky bodied medium roast, featuring juicy notes of apricot, white grapes, and orange zest. (available after June 21st)

Ready to try one out? Place an order using your Eli’s App, and be sure to tag us on social media (@elis_coffee) so we can see how you’re spending your #smalltownsummer with those you love most!