Why We’re Adjusting our Prices

Rachel & I don’t pick up the proverbial Eli’s microphone too often because we feel like Eli’s is bigger than the two of us. It’s a collection of every shop and every employee all united together. We’re just a small part of that ecosystem, and at the end of the day, Eli’s means something a little different to everyone. We’re hopping on here today though to share some news as well as to give everyone an update on our priorities for the future:

Today we’re announcing some small price adjustments across our entire menu which will go into effect Sunday, November 17. This averages out to an additional 15¢ on most items. As a company, we’ve always tried to be transparent with our decisions and so we want to share our long-term plans with you and why we’re making these adjustments.

Products: Over the past several years, we’ve worked to improve the quality and consistency of our menu offerings.

  • We’re committed to serving only ethically sourced coffee and are working to source all our coffee from fair or direct trade certified suppliers.
  • We’re improving the quality and processes behind our from-scratch bakery & fresh deli selection to ensure that our food always looks and tastes great.
  • We’ve got a lot of exciting ideas for new menu items and can’t wait to make those a reality. (think more from-scratch items as well as some great homemade breakfast offerings)

Wages: Labor is a large expense in any business and ensuring that our employees are paid competitive wages is critical. We’ll be increasing wages for all employees alongside our regular performance-based raises. It’s important for us to continue rewarding our employees for their hard work and growth at Eli’s.

Environmental Impact: You may have seen some changes in some of our packaging recently as we’ve been working toward eliminating most of the disposable plastic that we use in our shops. Part of that goal means investing in compostable containers, cups, lids, and other materials, as well as reducing our overall packaging needs. We’re also working towards composting all our coffee grounds and food waste from our shops. The future of our world is important, and we need to do our part in building a sustainable business that can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Building Value: Along with high quality offerings and positive environmental impacts, we are also working to add value to the Eli’s experience. This began with the launch of our new Eli’s Rewards program but will continue with our mobile app and in-app ordering further in the future.

We can’t express our gratitude enough to each one of you that supports Eli’s and chooses to make us your place to meet, study, or just grab and go, each day. Your continued support means the world to us and the best way that we can think to thank you, is to continue to do better every day.

We want to look back and the end of each year and be proud of what we’ve all accomplished. We want to continue developing Eli’s into a valued and trusted resource in our communities and these adjustments will help us realize those goals.

Thank you,

Weston & Rachel Berchtold